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London Piano Trio

 London Piano Trio
London Piano Trio

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Christopher Gunning - composer
Piano Sonata | Piano Trio

The London Piano Trio was formed in 1997 and for the past eighteen years has been touring, recording, and teaching in Europe, Canada, America, South America, The Far East and Australia. "Simply World Class" is the description made by the Germany press of the London Piano Trio’s Frankfurt debut and at home they have been described as a " National Treasure". Current activities include residencies at the Danbury Festival, Essex and St John’s Smith Square, London. Champions of the under-dog, the trio have made a point of promoting new music and composers who might have been forgotten through the passing of time.  Already in the catalogue are the complete trios of Cecil Armstrong Gibbs, Donald Francis Tovey, and Henry Cotter Nixon, plus commissions by composers such as Christopher Gunning, Clement Ishmael, and Jed Balsamo. 

Collaborations is a new and exciting string to their bow  which sees them working with notable Italian actress Milena Vukotic and Ballet Manila on a number of specially commissioned works.

The London Piano Trio’s performance of the Gibbs trio in D is simply wonderful.  This group is almost from another age, with an individual sound and approach that makes them recognisable every time they play. This work ought to be one of the staples of the concert repertoire, for it offers music of similar quality to other trios that are much better known.

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